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1 in 3 people will have Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) at some point in their life.

Reports say* that more than 135 million worldwide are living with brain injury. This is an underestimate of the scale of the problem due to the lack of focus on brain injury. We believe neurorehabilitation equality must be achieved. SameYou stands up for what’s right for brain injury survivors and their families. By donating you can be part of the change.

How will your donation help?

Your donation will help us reach our goals to end brain injury and stroke recovery inequality.

Since our launch in 2019, we have already:

Funded biopsychosocial research with Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Boston USA

Partnered with the RCN Foundation UK and Edinburgh University Scotland to develop a Masters module training programme to help nurses develop the missing integrated brain body and mind specialist skills urgently needed in neurological rehabilitation

Funded and developed the first of it’s kind telerehabilitation programme N-ROL with University College London (UCL) Queen Square, London, England

Improved rehabilitation is essential to help people recover from the impact of their injuries.

These are complex and far reaching and include cognitive changes, physical and sensory problems, fatigue, pain and changes in how they perceive themselves and the world. Please give now to enable us to keep our critical work going. Your donation will be used where it’s needed most - ensuring that your gift is as impactful as possible.

Get inspirational stories & updates

Since we launched, we've been lucky to have met some amazing people, whose voice, story and expertise will help many members of our growing community. As a donor we'll send you inspirational updates from the community and about our work.

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